Network Spend Optimization

LAVA’s NSO helps our customers reduce spend on network connectivity, while ensuring that it is operating at peak performance. Our NSO will identify areas where further investments can be made to improve network performance and give your business the competitive edge it needs.

NSO at a Glance

Thorough Analysis of Existing Services

Our team of experts will analyze your existing services in order to fully understand the current environment.

Flat Rate Fee

We provide a predictable fee structure with guaranteed savings to ensure your project always has a positive outcome.

Guaranteed Savings

LAVA offers a savings guarantee for all NSO projects. The average savings with LAVA's NSO is 30-50%.


LAVA’s Network Spend Optimization provides a savings guarantee, multi-year phased consolidation plan, full market analysis, legal review of any retroactive savings opportunities, and documentation of all contracts and term liability for all services at all locations. 


  • Reduces Cost
  • Increases Bandwidth
  • Consolidates Providers
  • Consolidates Invoices
  • Advances Technology

NSO Process

• Obtain information directly from service providers on behalf of Client. 

• Extract key data points and analyze invoices.

• Review all invoice data, sites, and services billing, and perform an overall validation of all in scope services. 

• Conduct full market rate analysis.

• Full RFP of all sites and services to compare current costs to new market rates.

• Provide results of data inspection for any immediate cancellation or change recommendations where appropriate.

• Full cost analysis & cost savings to client. (Total Savings Opportunity)

• Phased approach based on incumbent services and term liability with projected savings targets on a monthly/quarterly basis as changes are implemented. 

Solutions designed for YOU.

Every business is unique in terms of their dynamic needs, culture, and strategy. LAVA will evaluate, design, and deploy solutions built for your individual needs. We help you find effective, long term solutions that transform the way you do business.