Colocation and Cloud Interconnection

Whether your data is on-prem, in the Cloud, or somewhere in between, LAVA can help you connect and scale. 

Top Trusted Advisor in Colocation

LAVA was Honored to be named the Top Trusted Advisor in Colocation by AVANT Communications. LAVA represents over 3000+ facilities globally. Whether you need space in Hong Kong, Dublin, or Ashburn, we can help you build anywhere your data takes you. With over 30+ combined years of experience, our experts will find the best solution for your business every time. 

Colocation and Cloud Interconnection Solutions

Colocation and cloud interconnection are two important components of modern business IT infrastructures. Colocation services provide secure physical housing for IT hardware, such as servers and storage, while cloud interconnection allows organizations to access and share data with remote cloud-based services. Colocation helps businesses reduce their IT infrastructure costs, while cloud interconnection provides the flexibility and scalability needed to make the most of cloud computing resources. Together, these two services provide the foundation for a modern, connected IT infrastructure that keeps businesses competitive in today’s digital economy. 

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LAVA's Process

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Tools and Resources

Our proprietary tools and resources will help you quickly find the right providers in seconds.

RFP Facilitation

Once we’ve helped you narrow down your options, we’ll facilitate an RFP and thorough market analysis, providing you with an apples to apples comparison to quickly make an educated decision.


After we’ve helped you execute the perfect contract, our Project Management team will fully manage your deployment.  Ensuring your new datacenter is built and ready for migration on time and on budget.

Solutions designed for YOU.

Every business is unique in terms of their dynamic needs, culture, and strategy. LAVA will evaluate, design, and deploy solutions built for your individual needs. We help you find effective, long term solutions that transform the way you do business.