You buy your network infrastructure, storage, laptops, etc. from a partner.  So why aren’t you utilizing a partner for network connectivity?  

Connectivity Solutions

LAVA represents over 100+ global connectivity providers covering all services from MPLS, SD-WAN, to DIA and even POTS lines.  You name it, we can do it.

You will never pay a penny more for a service utilizing our channel than you would calling a carrier direct.  Because our global channel represents over $1B in annual revenue for our service provider community, we’re able to leverage this buying power for our clients to help them achieve significantly better prices than they could achieve on their own. 

We are Achieving between 30-50% Savings...

Working with LAVA

You’ll receive the same level of service and support contractually from your service providers, but you also gain access to our dedicated carrier teams who work directly with our customers for escalation, support, contract creativity and more

We’re achieving between 30%-50% savings when we facilitate the pricing review and negotiations on behalf of our clients.

We’ll provide a thorough analysis and market review of your options, facilitate an RFP inclusive of each location and service, to ultimately find you the best providers at the best price, every time.

Additionally, our team of Project Managers and Customer Experience Representatives will fully project manage your deployment, and provide 24/7/365 US based support for the life of your contracts. 

Solutions designed for YOU.

Every business is unique in terms of their dynamic needs, culture, and strategy. LAVA will evaluate, design, and deploy solutions built for your individual needs. We help you find effective, long term solutions that transform the way you do business.