National Medical Practice Updates and Saves on Connectivity and Telecom Expenses

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National Medical Practice Updates and Saves on Connectivity and Telecom Expenses


A national medical practice with 120+ locations and over 750 healthcare providers


The client had MPLS and was moving towards implementing SD-WAN at their 120+ sites across the United States. Their contracts were up for renewal and they desired to replace all the MPLS circuits with DIA and Broadband circuits at each location. Leadership was looking to cut the price of their connectivity to stay in line with today’s connectivity market.

The client was also receiving a plethora of invoices every month from various carriers. They needed to consolidate their invoices and take control of their billing process to ensure accuracy while reducing the amount of time their staff spends reviewing and approving the invoices. 

The client desired to move off the MPLS network and to add dual DIA circuits with diverse carriers at each location to reduce cost and increase bandwidth and resiliency. They had verbally requested that they go month to month when their contract ended with their legacy carrier network. Due to turnover, it was never communicated internally, and they were auto renewed for 3 years.


 With LAVA’s Network Spend Optimization solution, we were able to go in and collect invoices from the client for their current MPLS and Broadband. LAVA then took the list of locations to various on-net providers and aggregators and facilitated an RFP. Once Upon receiving all quotes back from the providers and aggregators, LAVA constructed a cost savings analysis to establish the most cost-effective option at each of their 120 locations. The client found it to be beneficial to go with the most inexpensive provider at each location. LAVA then wrapped the contract & invoice management and bill pay in with a solution called Telecom Expense Management (TEM).

LAVA gathered the clients invoices from the past 3 months for all of their services to evaluate their current spending situation. Within our audit, LAVA found several over charges and late fees that should have never been billed. These charges alone were greater than the cost of a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution altogether. LAVA facilitated an RFP for the TEM solutions that were available to the client. Once the RFP was completed LAVA presented it to the client and showed them their different options: allow their staff to continue processing invoices be overcharged every month, or allow a best of breed TEM company to process the invoices for them.


 After all contracts had been processed, LAVA assisted with project management and phased rollouts of the installation, having weekly meetings to track progress for every site across the nation.  LAVA helped save the client over $2 Million with the implementation of LAVA’s NSO and TEM solutions. 

 The client chose to continue with a TEM solution that fit their requirements. Within that solution, the provider automatically recognizes when a carrier has overcharged them and will immediately open a ticket whether it be 10¢ or $10,000.  This solution allowed the client to consolidate their invoices and allowed their staff members to use their time in more productive ways. The TEM solution paid for itself from the savings it found them in their invoices. 

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