Over $2.5 Million in Savings for this Global Engineering Firm

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Providing Connectivity Solutions to a Global Engineering Firm


A global engineering firm with over 45 locations and 1500 employees worldwide.


The client purchased a Versa SD-WAN solution from a trusted IT solution partner and needed to source dual network connectivity. They were managing services on over 25 providers, with the bulk of their network services on a single legacy network company. 

The client desired to move off the MPLS network and to add dual DIA circuits with diverse carriers at each location to reduce cost and increase bandwidth and resiliency. They had verbally requested that they go month to month when their contract ended with their legacy carrier network. Due to turnover, it was never communicated internally, and they were auto renewed for 3 years.


 LAVA looked at multiple approaches to manage their sites with redundant bandwidth at each. Due to the volume of circuits and locations, vendor management would be a challenge, so bids from aggregators were solicited. LAVA also priced out the best possible bandwidth options at each site with telecom expense management (TEM) solutions to assist with vendor management. 

 When looking at aggregators, LAVA priced both global and national aggregators. Once all the pricing was in, they optimized across aggregators to create an option that provided the best price at each site. This would still limit the number of providers to be managed and it saved another 20%. 

 Finally, they took that pricing back to the aggregators to see if they would match it to get the entire network. Only two providers opted to bid on this option. LAVA coordinated introductions to the down selected providers and provided quarter over quarter saving projections based on when the current network services would come out of term and be eligible to migrate. 


LAVA’s proposal showed saving of over $2.5 million- over 50% off their spend. With those savings in the offering, the client wanted to explore options to get out of their auto renewal. LAVA introduced them to the top telecom attorney in the country to assist in their efforts. 

LAVA was able to facilitate connectivity all over the world including the United States, Canada, China, Australia, India, Vietnam, and others. 

LAVA’s client experience team managed the rollout of sites to coordinate with contract expiration to maximize savings and protect against shortfall penalties and dual payment. They also provided ongoing support for all managed sites, giving the client a single number to call for any issues. 

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