Pricing Analyst

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

  • Work with sales reps and engineers to determine which services to be quoted and by whom for our clients
  • Submit RFP’s to selected vendors
  • Submit Deal registration to vendors
  • Create documents showing the market analysis, savings, site by site details
  • Keep track of vendor portal access, relationships, when we get new channel managers/ when people change roles/companies
  • Complete all tasks submitted by the LAVA team members
  • Set timeline expectations for sales reps on opportunities
  • This can be a remote or in-person role
Job Requirements
  • Entry or Junior level
  • Exceptional Excel Skills: savings formulas, VLOOKUP, pivot tables
  • Exceptional computer skills
  • Communication skills
  • Organization and updating/tracking skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment on very large opportunities

About LAVA: 

LAVA is a Technology Sales and Consulting organization working with some of the largest commercial/enterprise companies in the world. We help our clients evaluate and deploy new technology solutions, while reducing complexity and operational expenses. We work in a fun and fast paced environment and have a family first culture and mentality.

We are looking for a Data Analyst to run our market analyses for our clients. The Data Analyst will work closely with sales reps and engineers to determine which services we will be quoting for our clients and which providers to submit RFP. The Data Analyst will submit pricing requests and track which provider responses have been submitted and returned to LAVA. The Data Analyst will create a market analysis detailing savings in hard costs and percentages, site by site details and over the term costs/savings to present to clients. The Data Analyst will also be responsible for submitting and tracking deal registration with vendors and contacting the correct provider team and the sales rep to ensure details of the opportunity are understood. The Data Analyst will create documents detailing the new proposed technologies by LAVA to the clients. 

 As the data analyst you will also be responsible for updating our provider contacts as people change roles/ move companies. Many times, sales reps will reach out looking for contacts at a company and it is the analyst responsibility to track any changes that have been made to our reps at each provider. The analyst is also responsible to keeping track of how we request quotes and/or submit deal registration for each of the vendors in our portfolio.

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